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In Our Prayers 

February 19, 2019 


In Our Prayers:

Carel Hamilton will have surgery Thursday, February 21st, to unblock one artery at the Pano Heart Center at 4 PM. Doctors hope this will lessen her breathing difficulties. Afterward they will decide whether she needs additional surgeries. Prayers are coveted.

Jamie Boyd is in a great deal of back and hip pain and requests your prayers.

Wanda Bonney is home after being diagnosed with inner ear crystals which caused the vertigo.   

Trevor Smith received his PET scan results today. No cancer was seen. Your prayers are very much appreciated!

Jozelle Pledger is now at Keller Oaks, Rm 106A following her back surgery. Prayers requested.

Brenda Cawlfield is improving after successful leg surgery last week and will have her other leg done in a month. Prayers requested.

Sue Waller remains at HEB until she is able to tolerate eating, then will be moved to rehab. The Waller family appreciates your continued prayers.

Edna Almonrode is now home after suffering several major strokes. She will have a kidney stent inserted on February 25th, at Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound. Prayers requested.

Vivian Ferguson fell and has suffered a torn tendon and labrum in her shoulder. She will start therapy and requests prayers it will help, so surgery is not needed.

Christine Close, mother of Loni Proctor, continues to have health problems. Prayers requested.

Vera Biggers, mother of Greg Biggers, had successful knee replacement surgery on Monday in Shamrock TX. Prayers requested for her recovery.

Daren Biggers, brother of Greg Biggers, was in a car accident and had successful surgery in Colorado to stop the bleeding on his brain. Prayers requested for his full recovery.

Chandler Green, cousin of Linda Brunson was injured by a bull and is in the JPS trauma center with broken ribs, a deflated lung and a crushed pelvis. Prayers are coveted.

Willie Milner, former member, requests prayers. She had a tumor biopsied Monday.

Don Camp, deacon at Birdville Church of Christ, is undergoing radiation. Prayers requested.

Bermy Alati, sister of Joyce Hurtado, asks for prayers for strength, peace, and comfort for her and her family as they grieve the loss of her 3 year old son, Demsin.

Continuing Concerns

Beth Ritchey, Gene Gwinn, Steve Romine, Mary Wasner, Nathan Matlock, Thomas Reagan, son of Randoll and Joyce Reagan, Karen Spurgin, mother of Brent Holladay, Sherry Gilly, sister of Rhonda Harvey, Melanie Buck, friend of Rhonda Harvey, shut-ins and loved ones with cancer.


Cancer Concerns

Elizabeth Ritchey

Jarvis Bull

Aunt of Dean Cromwell 

Diane Dudney, sister of David Dudney

Christopher Andrews, nephew of Carolyn Lewis,  

Gary Elliott, brother of Ann Bauer

Cindy Dalton, sister of Mark Forrest

Denise Erekson, cousin of Brent Holladay, 

Gayla Hunt, daughter of Gene and Janie Gwinn

Kenneth Jones, brother-in-law of Jean Jones

Mark Keller, brother of Eldon Keller

Debbie Jean Lloyd, niece of Donna Brooks

Joan Mead, mother of Scott Mead

Jennifer Maxwell, friend of the Loni Proctor

Paul Newcom, father of Laura Marcum

Ron Norman, brother-in-law of Galen Newton

Glenna Perkins

Avery Phillips, daughter of former members, Allen and Andria,

Bill Proctor, father of Richard Proctor

Nancy, coworker of Michael Marcum, 

JR Rivera, longtime friend of Dalton Bryant,

Audrey Sloan, niece of Lisa Pybus,

Chris Schmidt, cousin of Brenda Rees

Terry Stevenson, co-worker of DeeAnn McKinney,

Lindsey Turner, friend of Amber Owens

Jeanean Wilson, cousin of Sheila Housman,


Shut-Ins and Assisted Living and Rehab Centers

Christine Allen Keller Oaks, room 140B

Audrey Barker, former member, 12102 Steeple Way, APT 321, Houston, TX. 77065.

Bill Biggers is at Lakewood Village

Carel Hamilton is at home

Sylvia Harston is home

Wilma Beene is at Bishop Davies

Edith Keele is at Good Place #113

Judy Pennington is home

Aline Reed is home

Sue Weldon is with her daughter -5100 Overhill Pl. Colleyville, TX 76034.

Thelma Mock needs prayers. Cards may be sent to; c/o Dwight Banks, 7533 Highview Dr. Weatherford, TX  76086.